Product/Service Characteristics and Social Contribution


We aim to create the kind of world where anyone can draw on their skills to help others while learning from these people and passionately living their “own story”.
Our core business, coconala, is a skill-matching platform that empowers every user, including skill providers from professionals to amateurs as well as private users and business users. In addition, by harnessing the power of technology to eliminate constraints such as time, place, environment and age, we empower unutilized and underutilized human resources and provide society with flexibility in work and lifestyle. Furthermore, through information visualization and support, we are striving to maintain a safe, secure and fair platform where anyone can easily obtain necessary information and exchange on an equal footing.

Initiatives for Customers

Quality Assurance System

We are implementing the following initiatives to improve the quality and safety of our services.

  • Establishment of a customer service point (Customer Success Department)
  • Continuous monitoring of satisfaction with customer service point
  • Development of guidelines to ensure appropriateness of labeling
  • Company-wide disclosure of information on customer requests, complaints, service defects, etc.
  • Establishment of a specialized team to monitor user listings daily, both visually and with AI (Soundness Team)
  • Disclosure and warning about user violations on the coconala website (coconala News)
  • “Pro selection” of high-quality sellers

Consideration for Customer Diversity

We are building a platform for diverse users that allows even first-timers to make online transactions intuitively. In addition, we have set up a contact point through which the Customer Success Department can provide careful support in the event of difficulties using the service.

Initiatives for Reliable Provision of Services

We are implementing the following initiatives to provide our services to users in a reliable manner.

  • Regular meetings of the Risk and Compliance Committee (once per quarter in principle)
  • 24/365 system monitoring and establishment of a prompt response system for incidents
  • Incident management and continuous improvement to reduce risks to business continuity
  • Regular inspection of information security and stocktaking
  • Thorough reminder to and education of employees on security (one training session per year in FY2021 and FY2022)
  • Countermeasures against unauthorized access, targeted attacks, etc. and continuous review

Initiatives for Employees

Occupational Health & Safety Policy /Approach

We value our employees’ physical and mental health and safety. In order to prevent employee health problems due to long working hours, we monitor working hours, provide guidance to employees who work long hours and their superiors, and have established a health committee, among other efforts.

Work style/Personnel Diversity Policy/Approach

We respect the work-life balance of our employees and aim to further enhance each one’s work and life satisfaction. We have established a personnel evaluation system to support the career plans of each employee, and create a comfortable working environment by introducing flextime, remote work and shorter working hours.

Work style/Personnel Diversity Initiatives

In order to meet the needs of our employees for diverse careers and work styles, we have various personnel evaluation systems (two career paths for management and specialists, grade system according to specialized field), flextime system, telework system, We have established a personnel system that allows for flexible work styles, such as a short-time work system. In addition, in order to support the balance between work and life, we have introduced a nursing care / child nursing leave system, and have been approved as an operator of the “Company-led Cabinet Office Babysitter Use Support Project”. We have introduced a sitter assistance system, and if there is a family member who needs nursing care, we also provide work styles that are close to individual circumstances, such as setting full remote and flexible working hours. Furthermore, we are implementing initiatives to shorten working hours and reduce overtime work. For example, monitoring of working hours, notification and guidance to employees and their superiors who may be working long hours, establishment of regular meetings of personnel and executives and managers of each business division to continuously discuss appropriate personnel allocation etc.
Usage of various programs (ESG Data)

Human Rights Initiatives

Human Rights Policy

We will deepen our understanding of the importance of respecting the human rights of all people impacted by our business activities and will conduct appropriate activities based on this policy.

Scope of Application

This policy applies to all coconala employees (including officers, permanent employees and contract employees).
We also expect our users and business partners to support this policy.

Respect for Human Rights in Practice

We pledge to respect human rights in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s (ILO)’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and support and strive to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

We will implement responsible working practices, including prohibition of discrimination based on differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, social status, family origin, gender, disability, health, ideas and beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, job type and employment states, prohibition of harassment, provision of a safe working environment, guarantee of minimum wage and management of proper working hours as well as respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. We will not allow slave labor, forced labor, child labor or any form of human trafficking.

We will also comply with the laws and regulations of each country in our business activities. If international human rights policies differ from those of the country concerned, we will comply with the higher standards, and if they conflict, we will respect internationally recognized human rights to the greatest extent possible.